Anonymous asked:
Can you please translate "love"and "lianne" in arabic? Ive been seeing a lot of arabic translations of 'love' but im not sure which one's correct. Thank you!

Love =
All of them have the same meaning, but in Arabic we have different words for the same meaning to differentiate the grade of love, it’s like a scale ☺️

Anonymous asked:
صور النساء عوره

شكرًا ع النصيحة 🙏 💐
و تم تنظيف البلوق ☺️🚶

Anonymous asked:
السلام عليكم .. ممكن تترجم لي هذي العبارات ..١) فرأيتٰ في عينيكَ أحلام العُمر ٢)أُحبُّكِ .. بأخطائي وبطُهرك .

I saw in your eyes my life dreams
هذا اذا كان قصدك العمر بمعنى حياتي
I love you… With my faults and with your pureness

dodagirl asked:
Hey. Please I need yor help. Can you translate me this : " and in your arms I will open my heart " on arabic. Thank you very much.

و بين يديك سوف افتح قلبي