victoriaivy12 asked:
Hey I see you write translations and I need you help with one! I re blogged a quote in arabic with the phrase under it saying "If something is destined for you, never in a million years will it be for somebody else." I just wanted to know if it was correct. It is the first picture on my blog I tried to attach it but I can't please help!

Ya it’s correct :)

lamar809 asked:
صراحة انت مبدع ف الترجمة ؛باتوفيق =}


ovo-kitty asked:
Can you please translate " never give up on your dream " and " forgive yourself" - thank you 😊

Never give up on your dreams
لا تتخلى ابداً عن أحلامك

Forgive yourself
سامح نفسك

Anonymous asked:
السلام عليكم الله يجزاك كل خير ممكن ترجمة هالعبارة " لحظات من حياتي اليومية " أكون شاكره لك .

Moments of my daily life

plus965 asked:
What is the application you use to put arabic fonts on pictures?

Kelk > PDF factory> photoshop ☺️

blcvk-pearl asked:
صفحه رائعه👌